Mark Pharo began his journey into the jewelry business in 1975 serving first as an apprentice, then as a diamond grader and continued his education by traveling the world to the most remote areas learning the business from the mines to 5th Avenue.

In the early '80's he was introduced in to the world of colored gemstones.  It was "love at first sight".  At that time, there were very few dealers outside of New York who had the passion and desire to pursue gems other than diamonds.  In no time, he was entrenched in the various jungles of the world soaking up all that he could on rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  The other stones just fell into place.  Today, as a leading world expert, he is often contacted by other dealers for his impression of a rare and beautiful stone.

"Dealing in that which doesn't exist"


What We Offer

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With over 40 years devoted to the gem and jewelry industry, Mark Pharo has gained a rare insight into the world market which has been key in his ability to spot future trends.  With this knowledge, he has helped collectors from around the globe put together important collections in fine and rare gems. Many see their jewelry collection as a fun and secure way to protect a portion of their wealth in very unstable times.






State of the Art

‚ÄčThe name Mark Pharo has become synonymous with quality.  Each piece designed and built is meticulously crafted to the highest of standards.  Our clients desire one of a kind items which highlight their joyous life.

Designs by Mark Pharo are treasured by notable people of all walks of life.  From The White House to the Red Carpet, sophisticated jewelry connoiseurs and gem collectors have sought the advice and expertise which Mark  brings to the table.